Bellevue Art Museum Art Fair Recap

Bellevue Art Museum Art Fair Recap

That's a wrap!

My first in-person show was was a success and I'm feeling extremely grateful for all the people who contributed to a fun weekend full of learning, laughter, and connections.

Preparing for my first show started several months in advance with lots of research and discussions with several key people I respect in the jewelry industry and in my house. (A special thanks to my husband, who had to endure my booth preparation as I commandeered a room in our house and transformed it into a staging area.)

I had great conversations with customers, many of whom were long-time fair goers delighted that the show had finally returned in person. I made several new connections with outstanding vendors that offered pearls of wisdom, chatted with so many fellow makers, and even had some former students stop by to say hi.

And most exciting of all: I also sold jewelry to delighted customers! My best sellers (of those that actually debuted at the show), were my new moon charms. They are now live on my website so be sure to check them out! Popular stone colors people were most drawn to were blue, green, pink, red, and browns. A show highlight was my Kintsugi collection. Kintsugi is a Japanese tradition of mending broken pottery with lacquer and gold which turns something broken into something beautiful, treasured, and a keepsake to be passed down as family heirlooms. Kintsugi is also a way of embracing our imperfections and the birth of something new. I have many pieces of broken stones that are just waiting to be mended.

Thanks to all of my customers and fellow artists for making the show a great success!

Did you miss the show? Shoot me an email or a DM!

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