About Karin Luvaas

Inspired by color and natural gemstones, Karin Lee Luvaas's fine jewelry line incorporates design, lapidary, hand fabrication, CAD, 3D printing, casting, and stone setting.  While others may outsource some of these steps, Karin believes a deep understanding of the full intricacies of jewelry creation from concept to completion is integral to her work.  She therefore performs all of these steps by hand.

Color, natural stones, elegance, and simplicity are the core elements of the Karin Luvaas jewelry line.  

Karin Lee Luvaas studied painting, metal sculpture, and encaustics at San Francisco State University and received a Magna Cum Laude, Bachelors degree in Fine Art.  Karin could never suppress the urge to create things with her hands so she interspersed art classes throughout her professional career at every chance she got.  These classes included painting, drawing, ceramics and, ultimately, jewelry.  On taking her first jewelry making class at the Crucible in Oakland, California, she instantly knew that she had found her passion. 

She went on to dedicate more and more of her time to learning the craft and discovered the Revere Academy in San Francisco where she became a full time student and finished as a Graduate Jeweler.  During her time at Revere, as a student and a TA, Karin studied closely with Alan Revere himself along with many master goldsmiths and accomplished, award-winning jewelers. Her deep jewelry immersion fast-tracked Karin’s skillset, ultimately enabling her to make a leap into jewelry as a career. 

Towards the end of her experience at Revere, Karin also earned her Graduate Gemologist certificate through GIA (Gemological Institute of America).   It was also around this time when Karin completed the JA, (Jewelers of America) Bench Jeweler Technician exam and was awarded her certificate.

After moving to Washington state Karin started producing handmade fine jewelry and launched her own jewelry business.  Now a jewelry teacher herself, Karin focuses on fully engaging her students with hopes of inspiring and exciting her students just as she had been inspired at Revere Academy.  Karin believes in life long learning and continues her education by taking selective classes every year to improve her skills, explore new techniques, and be further inspired by the field she loves.  New Approach School, Creative Side Academy, and Colorado Center for Metal Arts are just a few of the places she has studied under renowned master jewelers.