The Creation Process

Karin's pieces are easily recognized by the selection of one-of-a-kind tourmalines, uniquely hand cut stones, sapphires, patterns, shapes, and ethically sourced diamonds. All of her pieces are expertly handmade in the beautiful Pacific North West where the beauty that surrounds her creation process fuels and inspires her. Karin likes to think that a little bit of the natural beauty of the world is captured in her work and passed on to the wearers.


Rockhound, gem addict, and detective: These words aptly describe Karin Luvaas. Karin feels that every rock has a secret just waiting to be revealed. Never without my loupe and flashlight, she's in constant pursuit of the perfect gemstone or material for her jewelry. The chase is every much a part of the craft as the crafting itself. Every stone she finds is exciting, new, and unique. Karin hopes her customers, in turn, find something exquisitely, uniquely their own waiting for them in her offering.

About the Designer

Karin's one-of-a-kind jewelry embraces continual experimentation and incorporates design, lapidary, hand fabrication, CAD, 3D printing, casting, and stone setting. Karin believes a deep understanding of the full intricacies of jewelry creation from concept to completion is integral to her creative process. Performing each of these steps by hand allows her to fully center her daily life around the intimate nuances of creation. Karin finds the endless variety of stone material that takes center stage in all of her pieces to be a constant source of inspiration and a driving force behind her work.