Enjoying the Journey

Whether it’s wax carving, casting, 3D CAD design, lapidary, or fabrication, the journey of creating the jewelry is just as important to me as the final outcome. During the making, the "Ah Ha!" moments are the best part of my day as I'm always learning and discovering something new. 

Complicated designs push my creativity and improve my skill set. Learning new ways to improve the process inspires me to develop better habits and better jewelry.

Sourcing Stones

Getting my Graduate Gemologist Certification from GIA opened my eyes to the endless amounts of gemstones and minerals this world has to offer. I love stones with detailed inclusions, color changes, and mineral deposits. All those things make the stone utterly unique; a true one-of-a-kind on the planet. The stones I weave into every piece are just as unique as the people who wear them. 

Every visit to shows like the Tucson Gem and Mineral show allows me to uncover something new and exciting to bring home and incorporate into a new design. Even more exciting is when I visit mines and other natural mineral deposits to source my stones directly from the earth that created them.