Hidden Treasures: Exploring Gemstone Finds at Disney Parks

Hidden Treasures: Exploring Gemstone Finds at Disney Parks

I recently participated in the West Palm Beach Fine Craft Show in Florida. The show was great, but what came next might have been even better.

Since I was already in Florida, my husband decided to fly out so we could visit the four big parks of Disney World in Orlando together. The last time I visited was shortly after Epcot Center opened in 1982 and let’s just say a few things have changed since then! Long gone are the days of getting your hand stamped and walking up to any ride with no wait time.

This vacation required serious planning and hard work! (If you’ve been to a Disney park within the last 5 years, you know what I’m talking about. “Ride stacking” is a learned skill). One of the most amusing starts to each day at the parks was the rope drop at early entry. Picture a lineup of parents with kids and strollers madly dashing to get to a popular ride before the park opens to the regular crowd.

I was delighted to find some rough rocks, tumbled gemstones, finished costume jewelry, and some higher-end fine jewelry pieces in the gift shops throughout the four parks and Disney Springs (the big shopping area). Several of the rides had incorporated gemstones or crystals into their themes and decorations. My favorite gemstone find was the Seven Dwarfs Mine Run. (See photo above)

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