Koroit Opal: Wearable Artistry for the Connoisseur

Koroit Opal: Wearable Artistry for the Connoisseur

Koroit opal, sometimes referred to as "Queensland boulder opal" or simply "Koroit," is a captivating gemstone found primarily in the Koroit opal fields of Queensland, Australia. This region has a long history of opal mining, dating back to the late 19th century when opal was first discovered there. Koroit opal is a unique variety of boulder opal, distinguished by its captivating patterns and vivid colors.

Fun facts:

One-of-a-kind patterns: Also known as "boulder opal matrix," Koroits are created when precious opal forms within cracks and voids in ironstone boulders. 

Diverse color palette: Koroits display vibrant reds, blues, greens, and stunning flashes of fire. 

Opalized fossils: Koroit opal can preserve ancient plant material and even fossils within its matrix.

Scarcity: The limited supply of Koroit opal is due to its exclusive source in the Koroit opal fields of Queensland, making it rarer than other opal varieties like Australian white opal or black opal. The mining process for Koroit opal is labor-intensive, as miners must carefully extract and preserve the delicate opal veins within the ironstone matrix. 

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Stay tuned for these new Koroit opal pieces to be made into necklaces on the website or contact me and we can collaborate on a custom piece! In the mean time, check out other opal jewelry and October birthstones.


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