New Mini Stone Pendant Collection

New Mini Stone Pendant Collection

This new collection was inspired by my love for cutting new material and seeing how it polishes up. Because I was going through a lot of material, I decided to make a series of smaller charm-size stones that could be worn solo or as multiples.

Of course I (no secret to anyone) want to wear all the stones, all the time, so this was like unleashing an unsupervised 7 year old in a candy shop. Must have it all!

Creating flat surfaces on a stone using standard circular polishing wheels is a bit tricky, but it can be done with some practice and patience. Ideally a flat lap would be a better tool but I do not own one of those... yet. To polish a perfectly flat surface on a round wheel the stone must be constantly rotated so the curved part of the wheel doesn't make an indentation on the perfectly flat surface. Another challenge is that the middle of the flat surface doesn't polish as quickly as the edges and pushing too hard on the wheel can cause the edges to curve. 

My intention in making the 14k gold bail larger was to allow the mini stone pendants to hang on multiple sizes and styles of necklaces, giving the wearer lots of versatility and creative options styling multiple pendant as single or multiples. These mini stones look great layered so if you're looking to add to your #neckmess collection, these stone charms are a perfect addition!

One of the things I like most about this new collection is that no two pieces are alike. They are all truly one-on-a-kind. These mini pendants have a unique cut and shape which keeps the focus on the beauty of the stone. The 14k gold bail and the diamond add just the right about of sparkle and class which lets them work with casual wear, business attire, or special occasion dress ups.

These pendants are a great price for gift giving and requests for custom stones are always possible. Multiple stones are perfect for mother-child jewelry or graduations too!

So many options. So many choices. Endless possibilities!

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