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Coming soon!

I'm working on a new line of alternative bridal/engagement rings that can also be for the self purchasing female. In the mean time, if you've got some ideas for a personalized ring design, let's collaborate! 


Gemstone Collection

We're committed to procuring natural, sustainable, and ethically sourced diamonds, gems, and stones. Most are hand-selected from trusted partners or sourced in person directly from the mines that produced them. Browse our gemstone gallery to find your favorite, then contact us to create your custom piece.

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Custom Rings

Diamonds and precious gemstones add sparkle and drama while accentuating the centerpiece stone. All of these ring designs can be customized right on our website. Choose a ring design, choose your favorite stone from the materials list, and know that your new favorite jewelry piece will be as unique as you are.

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Browse our complete collection of fine jewelry to stimulate your imagination. Then reach out to us to add that little something special. We'll work with you to make it perfectly unique and perfectly yours.

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Commission Your Own

We'll work with you to commission a custom piece just for you. Browse our Gallery of Custom Orders for a little extra inspiration then schedule a consultation.

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