Hardness 6.5 - 7.5
Birthstone January
Anniversary 2nd
Metaphysical Known for encouraging feelings of joy, willpower and hope. Drives away tiredness and stimulates the imagination.

Gemstones range in almost every color.

Types of Garnet:

  • Greens: Tsavorite and Demantoid
  • Yellows: Andradite and Mali
  • Oranges: Spessartine, Malaya, and Hessonite
  • Reds: Rhodolite, Pyrope, Almandine, and Pyrope-almandine

While Russia was an early source for Garnets, and California was an early source for spessartine, they can now be found in abundance in many parts of Africa, Afghanistan, India, Myanmar, Brazil, and Sri Lanka.

Found in a beaded necklace in an Egyptian grave dating back 5000 years old, Garnet was also a popular choice for men’s signet rings in Ancient Rome used as intaglios to stamp the wax to seal documents.
Wash in warm soapy water. Safe to use with steamer and ultrasonic.

Garnet Jewelry