material: labradorite



Feldspar Group




6 - 6.5


Known for its calming and harmonizing effect. It improves intuition and symbolizes fantasy and creativity.

When light hits Labradorite, the diffraction causes a phenomenon called labradorescence.

Known for its blue hues,

Labradorite can be found in a multitude of colors such as yellow, orange, and green.

Labradorite found in Finland is called Spectrolite. 

Madagascar is well known as a source for Labradorite, it can also be found in Australia, Mexico. Russia and the US.

Labradorite was named after Labradore in Canada where it was first found in 1770. Some believed that the Northern Lights were stuck inside these rocks on the Canadian coast until a brave warrior hit the rocks with his spear and freed the lights.

Wash in warm soapy water. Can use a soft bristled tooth brush to clean. Avoid steamer and ultrasonic.